dartScript is designed to automate several simple but annoyingly repetitive tasks on your windows system. Batch files will do that but not as easily and simple to learn as this language, and everything in dartScript is built into the language, so no having to use external programs and work with their command lines if you don't have to, espeically for basic functionality.

The language itself is very simple and easy to learn, but it does have some limitations. It can't nest any commands like IF and REPEAT but it does have those commands. It has flow control through gosubs, which also can't be nested and goto commands.

We've used it for several things that we've found we do often, and replaced them with a script that is easily run with a double click and it does it all for us. We wrote the script, tested it, and then it was there for whenever we wanted that task done.

It's an extension of the btnPusher Advanced concept elsewhere on this site. Though it goes further and is a little more powerful. In itself it's a stop gap until we have demScript up and running, and even then with how simple this is to use some things it's easier to use this.

Top Features

  1. Clean and easy to use, ergonomic, interface
  2. Code coloring in the editor
  3. Project management for working with multiple scripts
  4. Scripts will be able to be bound to the run time for distribution
  5. Syntax Checker and debug mode make testing for simple mistakes easy
  6. Lot's of dialogs and interface options to gain user information and feedback without programming of forms
  7. And more...


The main interface showing editing of a script that's in a project.


Download: Size: Type
dartScript_Inst.exe - This Site 3,954kb Installer - Help

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