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Welcome to Visual PascalScript (vpScript)

Please be aware that we're moving in right now so the site is heavily under construction

Visual PascalScript (vpScript, or VPS) is a extention to the RemObjects PascalScript. It has a lot of functionality and a pretty large procedure/function base to deal with many different things.

It's designed to be very easy to use and comes with a language reference and you can find tutorials here on this site to get you going as quickly as possible in the language. Also the IDE is very simple to use with a streamlined UI that allows you to get things done quickly and easily as well as a nice project manager to keep together scripts that you're working on.

On This Micro-Site

You will find all sorts of information with a growing code base of pre-made scripts for every eventuality as well as tutorials and tools that can be integrated into the UI. There's going to be articles for those using the language as well as other useful information and downloads. It's a growing site right now and the language itself is brand new, still in Beta stage right now so there's not a lot just yet.

Submitting Content

If you want to add to the code base or have a tutorial etc you would like to see on this web-site please send it to Lucifael.