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vpScript CodeBase

The vpScript Codebase is a growing collection of examples, tutorial scripts, useful solutions and proof of concept scripts collated here on the Micro-Site.

Each entry is downloadable as a special file format used by vpScript IDE that when double clicked from explorer will be added to the IDE's codebase and can then be browser and even used in your projects


To use, download the clickable linked SBC, (Script Bank Compressed), file to a directory on your local HDD and then from Windows Explorer simply double click the file to install into the IDE's CodeBase.

Please note you do need to have installed Visual PascalScript before you can do this.

Name Description Download Link
Generic Sorting System A more generic sorting system with persistence saving of source and destination directories, a good example of a service script. Directories are set on first run, then the ini file of the same path and name as the script contains the source and destination filenames.
Download SBC - 5kb
UnZipper Essentially a fully operable tool in less than 30 lines of code. It allows you to pass a zip filename, or select at run time and then "Extract To"'s the file, using the filename as the new path.
Download SBC - 3kb

More coming soon, please contact us to add to this page