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Unlike the Code Base this area will have example scripts with descriptions of where and why they are used. They might not be entirely applicable to everyone but they will teach how to tackle a problem with VPS and create a script for the job. Each will have explanations of the code, along with the code itself fully commented

If you would like to contribute to this area of the site please contact me!


  1. HAL's Sorting System
    This is a script I created as a service type script. That is a script that maintains the system, or makes back ups etc. It's a pretty good example of using functions instead of duplicating the same code in your script, as well as a good example of service scripting
  2. Image Resize Wizard
    The image resize wizard is a script I use mostly for my programming endeavors. It takes a directory of (preferably larger) images and then resizes them into the output, seperated into sizes. It has the most commonly used glyph sizes that I work with, and is a decent example of not only form scripting but also automation of boring tasks
  3. btnPusher
    This is mostly for fun, but is bundled with vpScript itself, the compiled versions. It's actually a scripting language built in vpScript. It's a good example of string handling and perhaps just what vpScript is capable of with a little imagination.
  4. vpScript Daily Zipped Backup Script
    This script is one of mine I run using scheduler at new day. It creates a zipped backup of the vpScript development directory contents. It uses a special date stamped filename to allow for rollbacks and is a nice example of that sort of backup service script.
  5. BackupMan - Source Code
    This set of scripts came about when I was posting the above example actually. It's a generic way of doing directory zipped backups, with optionals. The Binary Release is available on the main site.
  6. CLipboardMan - Source Code
    This set of scripts for simple text based clipboard management and the ability to work with multiple clipboards. The Binary Release is available on the main site.