dartTask is a simple and easy to use solution for scheduling tasks. It's capable of launching anything with a file association and is specifically designed to launch scripts and batch jobs that will make automating your windows experience a lot easier.

It's got events for everything from 5 minute jobs to running a job yearly and we've tested it rather a lot and find it reliable.

We use it for running back up jobs, and things like that, important tasks that need to work everytime. Though if you have any issues, please contact us!

Top Features

  1. Simple Tray Resident UI keeps it out of the way until you want it.
  2. File Watch Monitor
  3. Schedules for everything from 5 minutes to running once a year
  4. Like all dartRange it stores its data in a single location, easily updated by external scripts
  5. Reliable Scheduling without unnecessary bloat


Download: Size: Type
dartTask_Inst.exe - This Site 3,247kb kb Installer - Help


The tray resident menu

The scheduled tasks configuration dialogue

The file watcher dialogue

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