Why INI Files?

That's the question, in the world of higher technology like XML and the alike, why use ini files. It used to be that they were rather limited to 64kb, but that's not so current. They are a nice quick and above all Easy way of storing data and they don't take half as much fiddling to get working. That's it in a nut shell.

They do come with certain issues but we feel they are still useful in today's high tech world and do so ourselves. They really are very simple and with the units we include below they can store a lot of data types. There are better tech solutions, and eventually we intend to create an XML solution you'll see here when we do that. But for now, for nice quick and easy storage we love INI Files!

Unit Description Download
Big Ini A unit that add's storage of new datatypes to ini files, overcomes the 64kb limitation and something we use all the time. This Site (Zip) - 9kb
Big Ini Additional A unit that increases the storage options of TBigIniFile, and add's on the fly compression with ZLIB. This Site (Zip) - 3kb

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information

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