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Introduction - Alpha Status

Early Alpha Status software so please do send feedback.

demScript has been a long time coming, it's a Pascal based language with all the power you'd expect from that language and any full programming language. It's a fully featured scripting language with near infinite variables, lists and other such items with looping and conditions nested or otherwise to nearly any level. We've also expanded the base language massively and have features still being built into the language. There's quick ways to do most tasks on a Windows system, and a few more esoteric abilities.

This is going to be in The Lab a while while we bug-test and feature's included and the command set and get everything up and running, right now it's early Alpha Status, which means we're sharing it to get help testing the many features. For one thing there is no help file currently, but that's at the top of our list! But the example scripts can help get you going and RIGHT now we need help testing the I.D.E. mostly. See the first line for a link to send feedback.

It's been a journey for this, we've been using it even while in development and find it extremely useful for doing automation tasks, such as build scripts and launchers with automatic back-ups and the alike for development and we use administrational scripts and dartTask to automate backups done and honestly as we add more features and commands/procedures it just get's more useful.


Special Note's: This particular page will change and be updated to a micro-site that will contain examples, helpful tools, and other downloads with some tutorials. This will take a while to put together so please be patient, we've not got a proper language reference together yet either.

As for language reference you can use the script example Command Look-Up, to find a command and it's syntax by name right now, we'd suggest adding that to the customizable tools menu. This is a temporary measure. There are also quite a few examples that will help you learn the language extensions. As for Pascal itself we'd suggest This Tutorial on the basics of Pascal, or alternatively there is a good introductory book by Marco Cantu - Essential Pascal, also available as a downloadable Zip File.

Top Features

  1. Easy to Use, Easy to Learn, Powerful in Execution!
  2. Based in Pascal, which is a powerful simple to learn language (We've been using it decades and it's great).
  3. Uses RemoteObjects PascalScript, this is what gives it it's power.
  4. Comprehensive command set gives shortcuts and easy to use commands/functions for access to special built in functionality.
  5. The IDE is comprehensive, easy to use, slick, and quick to learn and comfortable to work in.
  6. Ability to bind scripts to runtime for distribution without any extra files required by the language.
  7. Attractive UI, Office-Like Ribbon Interface
  8. Many built in commands and functions for common system automation tasks, some take a single command to do usually difficult and complex tasks
  9. Online Script Bank Browser included, you can create your own online script banks easily with the editor, available below.
  10. Several Tools coming down the pipe line, hopefully soon a form designer
  11. Several Script Wizards to quickly and simply create common automative scripts, (Like Backing up directories, creating zipped directories and launcher scripts)
  12. ...And much, much more either already in place or in the pipe-line...!



Download: Size: Type
demScript_Inst.exe - Patreon 8.2mb Installer - Help
Online Script Bank Editor - This Site 7.95mb Installer - Help

Screenshot's (Subject to Change)

The Main Interface, showing the welcome screen and help center

The Main Interface, showing Project with a script in the editor

Directory Backup Script Wizard

The Example Browsing Tool

The OSB (Online Script Bank) Browser

The Script Bank Tool

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