The dartRange is a series of small usually tiny, applications and tools that make working on your computer a little easier. There's a whole range of tools that suit a purpose where we found solutions to issues we faced and then created a solution.

This range is full of our solutions. There's everything from exe compression front-ends to other even more useful tools that we found that we had a need for. We're betting you will too. That's what the entire point of dartRange is.

The Range So Far

dartEdit A great Notepad replacement with special features like more format support, and syntax highlighting for common source code formats, as well as our CTD, and it's own format that can be encrypted with Blowfish Encryption.
dartLaunch Application for launching other things via a nice form, or popup menu on the task bar with several very useful features, and even custom launcher forms that can be customized as to how they look. Can launch just about anything that has a shell association, and is capable of passing parameters to applications to launch.
dartTimer At it's most base it's a countdown timer. It's also a whole lot more than that, including on-screen count down, a on-screen clock and several settings that allow you to do specific things on timers, or alarms and even on an hourly chime.

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