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The Museum is where we store our historical, unsupported software.

It is supplised as-is and holds no warranty at all, and the use of the software is at your own risk!

There is some useful software here, categorized for easy browsing, but it is out of date and we offer no support for it's use.

It's supplied mostly as a curiosity, and for fun, though some have a current use, we offer our main line solutions as current software and we should be in no way judged for our older software

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information


Just a few tools that we've found useful for writing over the years as well as a few early attempts at a full writing software application. (This will be something we intend to create soon, to our current standards)

Name Description Download
Convert What's in a name, well in this case it basically says what it does. It uses Calibre's e-book creation tool, it's essentially a simplified front end for that. You set up a few things, and once you've set the location of the required tool you can use this to convert the single file html output of yWriter 5 into an "ePUB" file. This Site (1,123 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
E-Tome An extremely early attempt to make a e-book viewer and binder that would make stand-alone exe e-books. It's got a long way to go.... This Site (940 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
FicList Based on Cognition Version 1.0 with tools specific to writers. It suffers much of what plagued Cognition v1.0 This Site (2,922 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Fictionator V2.0 A surprisingly useful Random Number Engine that generates scenes based on configurable files that can help break writers block, at least we found it helped. Also one of the very first things we wrote when we switched to Lazarus This Site (1,904 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Name Create Another RNG, but for making characters. Now some of the generation never did get finished, but for the basics it's surprisingly useful. You want to create a character and don't know the specifics, this can help you lay the ground work. It's got a pleasant interface and can save characters for later. This Site (702 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
SeShat An attempt at some writing software, the odd thing with this is that other than the interface (clunky) and the fact it has no real export ability, it does have everything else you'd need, and a few things you'd come to love. When we make our release software it will have a lot of the features this does. This Site (2,980 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Writer 2014 A very early attempt at writing software, the biggest two issues that make this superceded later is that we lost the source, it uses ini files which make it very slow and for some reason you have to use Task Manager to make it actually close. Other than that it does exactly what it is supposed to do.:) This Site (2,000 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
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