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About The Museum

The Museum is where we store our historical, unsupported software.

It is supplised as-is and holds no warranty at all, and the use of the software is at your own risk!

There is some useful software here, categorized for easy browsing, but it is out of date and we offer no support for it's use.

It's supplied mostly as a curiosity, and for fun, though some have a current use, we offer our main line solutions as current software and we should be in no way judged for our older software

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information


A few useful utilities for developers, we've made a few tools over the years to make development a little easier. Some of these aren't as useful as they used to be, and a couple actually still have a use even today. There's also a couple of 'evolutions' or previous versions of software we're still working on that are here for historical meaning.

Name Description Download
BtnPusher Advanced This was made as a precursor to our demScript, it's fairly useful for simple file administration and backups, but lacks any kind of proper scripting ability, but don't take that it it's useful all the same, and thus it's in the Muesium This Site (2,882kb) - 64bit
BuildScript This is a useful scripting language that will make scripts for building from a single script. It comes with a tool aimed at Lazarus and using upxShell to make builds, we suggest you make one of those and then view the resulting script for help on the language becuase it doesn't come with a reference! That being said it's easily turned to any sort of building of development projects and if you're willing to puzzle out the details you'll come to like it. This Site (2,333 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
mPress This is a front-end for mPress exe compressor, we use UPX now instead but at one time we used this a lot. This Site (948 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
ScreenZ An early attempt at making a screen saver creation program, not to today's standards at all, but functional last time we checked, Orpheus however, is better. This Site (1,445 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Orpheus A tool for making slide show screen savers, this still worked the last time we checked, and is no frills and very simple to use. This Site (2,333 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
TPC Install Maker An self extractor maker specifically for DarkBasic Pro Extensions This Site (635 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help

TPC's (DarkBasic Professional Extensions)

If I remember correctly they require an actual install of DarkBasic to look at a file created during that process to know where to install to, rather than the open source zip file that is available now.

Name Description Download
AIML A DLL for adding the ability to work with AIML (Artifical Intelligence Mark Up) to DarkBasic Pro. This Site (496 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
List A DLL for adding Pascal TStringLists's to DarkBasic Pro This Site (496 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
ZLIB A DLL for adding ZLIB support to DarkBasic Pro This Site (496 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help

The Evolution of demHTML

A little look at the evolution of our demHTML application

Name Description Download
MojoTML (Old) The first, very old version of the application This Site (1,024 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
MojoTML (Newer) The second iteration, somewhat more up to date. This Site (3,835 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help

The Evolution of demScript

A look behind the curtain at the continual development and evolution of what will be demScript when it is properly released, somewhat in chronological order. Most use RemObjects PascalScript

Name Description Download
eScript The first if we remember correctly This Site (1,596 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
pScript Another attempt This Site (3,241 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
demScript Not entirely sure where this fit's in the order, but it's here anyway This Site (3,009 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
deLite A slightly more modern attempt, had some major issues with the way we set up scripts to run, and ultimately it was superceded. This Site (2,336 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
vpScript The newest of the bunch superceded by demScript to come. It comes with a tonne of examples but no actual language reference, and we have used it extensively ourselves to automate system tasks until we got demScript up and running to the stage it's at now. This Site (9,353 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help

Other Scripting Ideas

Name Description Download
qScript This is our attempt at a scripting language minus RemObjects PascalScript. For something we put together with no real knowledge of how to do it, it isn't that bad, but lacks a lot that we decided to use RemObjects PascalScript instead. This Site (2,800 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
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