Cognition 2.0


Cognition is something we've been working on now for some time, it's got a lot of very useful tools for working with many types of data including but not limited to rich text and images. A full list is below.

Cognition is designed to keep all your vital information and anything related to your project in one single easily backed up and edited place. It does this using compression and XML technology to allow many different types of data to be stored.

Small files can hold more data than many other formats, most of our test documents are slightly smaller than a DOCX file which uses similiar technology but a cogDOC stores a lot of different types of data than a DOCX.

There are also (optional) tools for the authors of you out there that make writing a lot easier.


  1. Great Format
  2. Office "Like" editing environment makes it very ergonomic
  3. Many Editors for a variety of data types
  4. Tree format allows for great organisation of your data
  5. Uses industry standard technology to great results
  6. Great for writers and non-writers alike


  1. Rich Text
  2. Image Viewer
  3. Tasks
  4. Contact List
  5. Password Manager
  6. Source Code - with syntax highlighting for all common formats
  7. Chapter View - optional - Keeps a running total of lengths for you for any chapters under that node in the tree
  8. Character Table - optional - Keep track of your characters in a simple tabular format
  9. Location Table - optional - Keeps track of locations for easy access
  10. Items Database - Optional - Keep track of your books/stories vital items and features with this simple database

We intend to add many more and they are in planning for future updates!


Download: Size: Type
CognitionV2_Inst.exe - This Site 4,127kb Installer - Help

Screen Shots

Main interface showing welcome screen

Main interface showing a working document

Main interface showing the detailed and easy to use options dialogue

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