About This Site

This site was made with demHTML and we're proud of that fact. I'm not a very good site coder or designer and yet thanks to that tool I think we turned out quite well.

The idea was to have a simple clean website without too much fluff, showing off our software the best we could. But the site isn't the smallest thing in the world so this is where the beauty of demHTML comes into action. For instance, we're always going to be adding to the menu at the top of this very page. Now one way would be to use php includes, but for someone that doesn't actually know php that's not so much of an option. Instead we picked a CSS controlled drop down menu, but we used MojoTags instead. demHTML uses these and replaces them on publishing time, so if we want to change the menu, we did it in one single place and the change was reflected across the entire site that uses that.

It's a useful tool.

Other than that you use the Drop Down at the top of the page to get around, each is linked to a page for you to look at and each page has something interesting to look at.

At the bottom of the page is a simple copyright notice, which is also a tag which was easier and simplier to make into a tag than it was to even copy and paste what we don't want to do each time on every single page.

To further simplify making the site we created snips and templates that honestly cut down our work a LOT.

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