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About The Museum

The Museum is where we store our historical, unsupported software.

It is supplised as-is and holds no warranty at all, and the use of the software is at your own risk!

There is some useful software here, categorized for easy browsing, but it is out of date and we offer no support for it's use.

It's supplied mostly as a curiosity, and for fun, though some have a current use, we offer our main line solutions as current software and we should be in no way judged for our older software

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information


Occasionally we make the odd screen saver, we'll be posting them here, new or old they will come here. Mostly screen savers seem to have fallen out of vogue but we like them and they are a bit of fun we occasionally like to create.

Name Description Download
Ship Life We were experimenting with very basic AI for ships for something we were making some time ago now, and made this. It's entertaining to watch, oddly addictive actually. This Site (1,669 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
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