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demScribble was created by an author for other authors. I've tried many other writing software and didn't really like how they worked. So decided to create our own. It's meant to be a simple and quick tool for creating stories of many types. It uses chapter by chapter editing instead of scene by scene, personally I found that disruptive, with this you can plug away at your chapter and still keep track of everything important.

But don't mistake simple for not being powerful. Increasingly demScribble is feature rich, has more fields for it's editors that many other software use, and with MojoTags, tagging and thier use you can create some very good quality content, and export it to great looking files (currently HTML, TXT, ePUB "Using Calibre" and more to come). We've made sure to ensure our software is represented too, especially the alike of dartEdit which was originally designed to be a quick easy editor for writing and keeping track of goals, so obviously full support for ".dartTXT" files is in. Or produce a CTD File, for use with the reader, and by linking to Calibre ebook management software you can produce a variety of e-publishing formats straight from demScribble

We've concentrated on making things simple, but there is a lot of depth, we especially worked on the characters editor because we feel they are one of the most vital components of a good story. But you can track and record details about items, locations, organizations in your story, keep a collection of notes and a story specific lexicon or dictionary.

We've just added a planning editor, which will be closely linked to creating content and allowing you to plan out your project in full.

The Notes editor has recently had an overhaul and now allows CTD Tags to format your notes, which on the report view you can preview with formating or export your notes to HTML files

Honestly there are a lot of features and given this is Alpha software, there's more to come.

On a personal note I've recently converted all my work over from cognition and doing so was rather easy, export to rtf, import, edit to tag and fill in the other editors and presto quickly created projects. Cognition was our previous writing software, and while Cognition is great at what it does, this is designed for writing and obviously is better at it.

We've also added our new About box standard with links to useful places on the net, an update checker and lot's of information.

We believe this is our new defacto standard for our writing needs and we think you will too.

Alpha Release. Noticed a few bugs so we're back to Alpha right now but we also need feedback on this application at this stage. It's feature rich and we think it's fairly stable, but there is a lot to test and we'd like your help. Make sure to back up your work and read the license as we disclaim warranty there. But the back up system should help especially during this state. We use this right now for production writing and have yet to lose work but we offer no guarentee

Top Features

  1. User Friendly Customizable UI
  2. Chapter based editing for authoring and writing makes creating content easy.
  3. Specialized Editors for keeping track about the data in your project, with unique editors like Organizations, and a special plan editor that make demScribble special.
  4. demScribble links and co-ordinates your data into chapters.
  5. Great Common File Export Support
  6. Easily Import into your project from a selection of file types, including some of ours like dartEdit files which keep the content and word goals, or others like RTF that converts to our tag format and an experimental HTML import that also converts to our tags
  7. CTDTags are used to create a broad spectrum of useful formating that is more easily converted to other file formats.
  8. Quick preview of content
  9. Quick access to all the features with Office Style Ribbon and Menu Systems, optionally capable of being hidden away for clarity during writing.
  10. Set your word count goals and keep track of them, word counts in demScribble match what word would show, and doens't include tags.
    New Monthly and NaNoWriMo Goal's with special progress groups to keep track. With a Daily Goal Check too!
  11. MojoTags for powerful on demand replacement of common macros, such as the built-in MojoTags for the project properties of the ability to create custom tags.
    You can now include the resolved tags into your word count to better keep track on your chapter lengths etc.
  12. Some basic Proofing tools to help create quality content.
    Including the ability to launch an external editor for more comprehensive proofing.
  13. Comprehensive back-up system to keep your work safe!
  14. Uncluttered HTML Export makes for excellent e-book creations
    Now integrated support for the famous Calibre application which allows export to special e-book formats such as ePub, Mobi, PDF and Kindle Formats.
  15. Plan your story right inside the application
    Along with quite a few other special tools and editors.
  16. Goal Setting for daily and monthly word count goals.
  17. And much...much...more with even more to come!



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demScribble_Inst.exe - Alpha Release - This Site
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8.2 mb Installer - Help
demScribble_Inst.exe - Alpha Release - Patreon Early Release
Please consider donating or becoming a patron for this software. Details on the about box.
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The main interface (Showing welcome screen)

The main chapter editor

The Series Manager

The Character Editor

The Export Menu showing some of the options available

The Edit Character Dialog, showing the variety of fields available.
(Most of the editors are similularly richly featured)

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