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Created for those who just want to maintain a very simple task list, or the alike of a shopping list. This application is tray resident, and you can either Right click for the menu, Left to Toggle the Viewer, or Middle click to add a task. Alternatively you can add, edit, delete etc from the to do list viewer form.

If you want a better task manager we'd suggest demNTL, which has far more powerful Task handling, this is literally just to maintain a simple list of to do's for various projects, or topics.

It's super easy to use, and adding tasks is very easy.

Top Features

  1. Super Simple and Easy to Use
  2. System Tray Resident to quickly add new tasks
  3. Task View Window for quick and simple at a glance viewing of your to-do's
  4. Optionally the task viewer will remain on top of other windows
  5. Most Recently Used Menu
  6. To-Do are very simple to view, edit, manage and navigate.
  7. The entire ethos of this application is simple, no fluff (Typical of a Dart Range Product)
  8. Customizable



Download: Size: Type
dartSimpleToDo_Inst.exe - This Site 2,862 kb Installer - Help


The Task/To-Do Viewer Window

The Right Click PopUp

Editing a To-Do

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