This is the main page for all of our current software and from here you can access anything we've posted as current. You can check out the lab, or the museum for future and historical software respectively.

Current Line Up

demHTML Powerful, useful, quick HTML editor designed for working with small to medium website projects. Understands HTML/PHP/JS/VBScript and CSS as well as most image formats. Uses something called MojoTags to take the tedious out of creating code/text that is duplicated and can publish an entire website with a single click of the publishing dialog button. It replaces and generates code where necessary using MojoTags, and we use it for this website.
demNotepad demNotepad is a tray resident plain text editor, it's highly useful and to hand at all times and has special editing tools to quickly and easily add text to existing text files or create new ones. It can work with special templates that have variables that are set when they are run to sort of RAD text files and it has many and numerious uses. It also uses the experimental CTD file Format.
Cognition 2.0 Cognition version 2.0 is a special document management, project mangement application. This is the perhaps the third evolution of the idea and comes with a lot of improvements over the older version. It's got a zlib compressed XML based file format that allows for storing many different types of information all of which have editors built into the software.
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