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I can't work, so I do this and a few other things to keep myself amused and while I don't ask for money directly (i.e. Registrations) it would really help if you Donated To Me. There are a variety of options at that link.

Become a Patreon

If you really like my software it would be super brilliant if you Became a Patreon. There currently is only one tier of membership and I will admit I don't especially offer many benefits, though they wil grow, but it would mean a lot


If you don't, or can't donate or become a patreon you can still help. Please all of our software is designed and built by me, and I would love to hear your feedback. Even to this day I'm still learning and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Especially any bugs you find, and even feature requests. I don't promise I can, or will, be able to do it but I'm always listening and will try.

Looking for Beta-Testers

I'm currently looking for people to help me test my software. It's all on Windows usually 10, not tested for 11 but should work. Got a few projects that I need help with. Please contact me for details and access to the software that needs testing. This is quite important to me, so if you can then do please help me here.
When sending a message about beta-testing, please put something in the subject to indicate this is the topic.

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