Patreon Only Release

This was just for fun really, something I made while mining playing EVE Online.

I think most programmers make their own Notepad replacement and while dartEdit is really a much better and more flexible editor, this has a few tricks to it. It's essentially just a text editor and can edit any plain text and has tools for operating on text, especially anything selected.

If you've got any ideas you'd like to see added, please let us know either via the website or the feedback on the about dialog.

Again, mostly just for fun, but I actually do use it and perhaps other people will too.

Top Features

  1. User Friendly Customizable UI
  2. Supports Any Plain Text File
  3. Very useful tool set for working with text



Download: Size: Type
dartText_Inst.exe - Patreon Only Application Around 2.5mb @ Patreon Attachment Installer - Help


The Main Interface

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