The Lab

This part of the site "The Lab" is where we put software that is ready for a look and that we want to collect feedback on and yet itsn't yet ready for release.

How to Give Feedback

Please give feedback on all our software, but especially this section. To do that we'd like you to send mail to us here at Deimos Design. with a good description of your common, feedback note, bug report and include a good subject line to make it obvious about which you talk.

Currently in Testing

dartChime Essentially a scheduler but only on the Hour Every Hour, made to fill the gap left by dartTask, but it's grown into a rich utility of it's own.
In testing for a short while, it seems fine, no bugs as yet, but until we're sure it's in the lab. Please give Feedback!
dartTask A Task Scheduler, made simple! It's having some bug issues so it's in the lab until it's all fixed.
demHTML A easy to use and extremely useful website creation tool that is now ready for external testing. This site was made with it!
dartScript dartScript is a simple simple scripting langauge designed to automate several simple tasks on a windows system. It's got a bespoke scripting language that is very easy to learn
dartRename A bulk file renaming tool that we're looking for tag ideas and general testing for what we already have.
demImago demImago is for working with images, right now it offers a great way to browse and make lists of images, as well as a special collection module for working with entire collections of images, including making an archive of them for distribution or backup.
EvoDeck EvoDeck is a companion program for Evochron Legacy SE, with features that pilots need and want to make their lives a little easier. The project is currently looking for feedback, and ideas.

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