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The Museum is where we store our historical, unsupported software.

It is supplised as-is and holds no warranty at all, and the use of the software is at your own risk!

There is some useful software here, categorized for easy browsing, but it is out of date and we offer no support for it's use.

It's supplied mostly as a curiosity, and for fun, though some have a current use, we offer our main line solutions as current software and we should be in no way judged for our older software

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information


We've provided these for fun, and especially while we get our modern day games ready. We do not consider these to be to our proper standard and please do not judge us harshly becuase games making is a process and one we've learned a lot about. We offer these as fun and just for historical sense but our modern games are so much better.

Never has being a solo developer been more apparent to us than when making games, the sheer work that goes into the different aspects of games creation is slightly crazy and we especially do not consider ourselves all that good at graphics design. That said we feel we've learned a few tricks and when you will compare our actual releses with these you'll see that we think.

Name Description Download
AsterClone A the name suggests this is an asteroid's clone. It's not got the most amount of level's in the world and was made for family to enjoy, but we feel you will too. It's an asteroid blasting bit of fun that we find amusing and hope you will too. This Site (5,873 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Bat and Ball Not our best name, has to be said. It's a bat and ball game...enough said. This Site (1,549 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Big Grid Another extremely descriptive name, if not snazzy. This is a grid of letters and you have to make a word. There's no real rules like having to have the letters connected, but it does come with a rather large dictionary to check against. Larger points for larger words. This Site (763 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
iChess Made a long time ago now, provides and interesting game of chess against the computer. Made with a component in Delphi 5. We tested it against a friend who is rather good and that was their comment. This Site (880 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
iTris A Tetris clone made in Delphi 5, about all I can say is that it provides some amusement, definately not our best work and it's quite seriously old now. This Site (536 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
iTris 2 A second Tetris clone made in Delphi 5. This Site (659 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
iVaders An Invaders Clone, it's fun and a good old blast-em-up style game. This Site (7,328 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Knock-It An Arkanoid Clone, and an early attempt at what we'll be releasing soon, it's not too bad with some interesting quirks but we can do better and intend to prove that shortly. This Site (13,786 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
Lillipad This is a little like a better graphics version of Big Grid (above), it's slightly more interesting to look at and provided some fun for who we made it for. This Site (2,334 kb) - 32bit - Installer - Help
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