dartTextGen Is a simple text manipulation application that can operate on directories and sub-directories full of files and output them after processing.

It uses MojoTags, something we used in other applications. There are the standard built-in tags, and those you can set yourself. Or you can get some user input at execution, like prompting for text, or files. You can include files with a special tag as well.

For information on the tags, and a list of them, please view the Text Editor. This is a special, though simplistic, text editor for working with files that will be included in the execution and processing. There's a special file type ".dgTemplate" which will be named to a different (optional extension). This text editor has a list on the "Built-In Tags" menu.

You can set your own MojoTags, and this can generate anything from a set of text files to an entire website.

Top Features

  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. Simple to learn MojoTag Macro's
  3. Conditional Inclides
  4. Capable of working with any plain text source file
  5. Special file format dgBoiler, that is capable of generating multiple files from on source.


First Beta Release

Download: Size: Type
dartTextGen_Inst.exe - This Site 4,425 kb Installer


The main interface showing the help file source.

The Editor interface.

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