demHTML is a site authoring application from us that allows simple and easy creation of websites and anything related to your project. It's a source editor with no fluff required other than a nice syntax highlighted editor for the common formats used in web site creation.

We even used it for this site. It made the job so much easier. It's aimed at those willing to work with HTML rather than using a designer that add's a lot of bloat to the source, and those willing to put in as little effort do to that as possible.

That's us to a tee, and we think there are a lot of people who would want that too.


MojoTags are simple tags that are replaced when publishing happens that can be easily changed in a single place to reflect that change across an entire website. We use them in several of our applications and utilities now as they are so very useful

An example of MojoTags used #MYTAG#, like that, but it could be replaced with many lines of actual code when published. We use this for headers, footers and the entire menu system of this entire site.

Top Features

  1. Clean, easy to use Office "Like" user interface
  2. Designed to make managing and creating websites easy
  3. Color coded editor makes tags stand out and mistakes show up well
  4. Simple publishing method, it's two clicks to publish a website when you're all set up
  5. MojoTags remove the hassle and repetive nature of making a site
  6. Projects are simple and clean and understand directory strutures for duplication into the output publishing directory.



Download: Size: Type
demHTML_Inst.exe - This Site 4,230kb Installer - Help


The Main Interface

The Publishing Interface

Project Properties Dialogue

Editing a MojoTag

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