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The Museum is where we store our historical, unsupported software.

It is supplised as-is and holds no warranty at all, and the use of the software is at your own risk!

There is some useful software here, categorized for easy browsing, but it is out of date and we offer no support for it's use.

It's supplied mostly as a curiosity, and for fun, though some have a current use, we offer our main line solutions as current software and we should be in no way judged for our older software

These are provided as-is, we make no claim to them or offer any warranty, using them is at your own risk, please check out the uses clause for any requirements and the header for any additional information

Name Description Download
Ares Reader An elderly comic book reader that supports both ZIP based and RAR based comics. We'd like to update this at some point, it does what it should but we feel it's not to our usual standard and that we can do better as well as surporting the new standards. This Site (1,815 kb) - 32bit
Camera This is one we still use to this day. It watches the clipboard for an image and then automatically saves it as a PNG to the application directory with incremented filenames. This is a self extractor and not an installer. This Site (357 kb) - 32bit
Deimos Paint This is actually a rather good paint application, the issue that means it's here is that there is a problem with the underlying mechanics with the menu's that mean they take ages to draw. Otherwise it's got some neat tricks and is rather useful. Written in Delphi 5 This Site (899 kb) - 32bit
demCollect This predates demImago and was superceded by that application. It uses a thumb nail browser and has many of the features we wanted, but it's a little slow and we didn't like the thumbnails, or how slow it was. This Site (3,064 kb) - 32bit
Hiero Name Very inaccurately changes short text into hieroglyphs, uses Chroma Key not transparency and the 'translations' are very off. Provided for fun. This Site (448 kb) - 32bit
Lapr Lapsus Originally meant as a screen show presentation application this also allows you to include various files and run them meaning it's quite good for installer presentations. It's clunky and not easily used, but if you learn it it's not so bad. Also uses the temp diretory which in theory could be wiped during run, so not to our standards of behaviour This Site (3,301 kb) - 32bit
qViewer Very old attempt at an image viewer, it does however support some quite esoteric file format's including those used by X-Rays. It's not to our standards and the source code is long gone, provided here for the odd files it supports. This Site (1,073 kb) - 32bit
Strip Edit A Paint program specifically meant to edit strip bmp files, and the alike used by some RPG games. It's based on Deimos Paint, and has some of the same issues, and doesn't use modern PNG transparency but Chroma Key This Site (1,168 kb) - 32bit
TinyMP3 It's useful for playing mp3 files from the command line and file association, but has no controls and really it's super simple and not up to our modern standards, but for running a file from the command line it's very useful. This Site (335 kb) - 32bit
Zephyr This was made in Delphi 5 and was a pretty good go at making a more fully featured paint application than Deimos Paint. It's got some very useful tools and some fun brushes that can make some rather good effects for your graphics. Not to a modern standard including file format and transparency support. This Site (5,780 kb) - 32bit
demPlay A strong play list support media file player concentrating on MP3's but uses no tagging. It's quick, tray resident and we use it often. But the source was lost so it's not remotely finished or built to our proper standards. But if you want an unobtrusive player on the tray it's super good at that. This Site (2,403 kb) - 32bit
Planet Texture Generator Generates Texture useful for 3D and for the old Evochron Alliance Companion Application found elsewhere. They aren't up to today's resolution aspects but potentially still useful. Totally random, and can create some attractive results. This Site (1,250 kb) - 32bit
Texture Pack 01 - 2,496kb - Self Extractor
Texture Pack 01 - 2,609kb - Self Extractor
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