demImago is all about working with images. It's in pre-release and not entirely done yet, but we'd like a little feedback on what we do have. There are big plans for this suite of programs and we'd love to hear your ideas too.

demImago comes with an image viewer capable of working through large amounts of images with minimal overhead, as well as working with all the common formats including via FFMPEG, webp images which are spreading quickly.

demImage also comes with a great image collection manager that is capable of working with entire collections of images, and you can create special archives to share, or use as back-ups and includes special reports to show if any images are missing from a collection, or have become corrupt, with a lot more along this line to be included later.

Top Features

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easily view entire directories of images.
  3. Collate and view lists and collections via the tools included.
  4. Collection module makes sharing and working with collections very easy
  5. Office "Like" user interface is ergonomic and quickly learned.
  6. Uses FFMPEG for conversion and use of image and supports webp
  7. Has a nice wallpaper manager that will use a collection for changing wallpaper images at set intervals
  8. And a lot more planned, and in the suite
  9. Inter-connectivity of the modules


This is a brief, no real order list of the updates for the application, especially while on the Lab and testing stage.

  1. Added a collection viewer to collection module
  2. Added some more fields to collection content items, caption, publisher etc to help later with searching and organising of collections.
  3. Fixed: The wallpaper enable/disable didn't work as it should, it does now
  4. Added favorites to collection, which is acccesible via the new collection browser in collections module
  5. Added new find and select by filename and path quick bar to content pane
  6. 19/04/2022 - Quite a lot of work done to Collector and a few changes to Wallpaper.
  7. All new reports, including a couple of charts added to the collector, user interface improvements
  8. 05/05/2022 - Switching over to a thumbnail based viewer instead of the old per picture, though the new one does that too!
  9. Submitting imagoBrowser, out there for testing, it's still missing a few features, some of the features aren't yet fully implemented, but a lot is. Enough to get a feel and hopefully provide feedback.


All downloads in 64bit

Download: Size: Type
demImago_Inst_Lab.exe - This Site 26,547kb Installer - Help
imagoCollector_Inst.exe - This Site 23,314kb Installer - Help


The main viewing module in action

The image collector showing a collection in editing mode

Browsing the same collection in the viewer module.

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