CTD File Format


Started as nothing more than a thought excercise we felt you'd enjoy too. We wanted a nice quick and easy solution to sectioned text files. INI allows for sectioning data very easily and the unit we use saves TStrings very simple with a single command.

So this was born, they are ZLIB compressed, which add's a little to open and save times it has to be said but the rate of compression for text is amazing.

They use a sort of BBCode for tagging that is easily rendered and you can see that with the CTD Reader that comes with demNotepad

It's mostly for fun, but it shows how easily something can be changed to suit purposes. Programming in effect is about finding solutions to your problems, and this is a rather simple solution to the one we had at the time.

It's not going to replace ePUB, but they file sizes aren't too bad comparitively speaking, it's also simplified mark up and that makes it easy to convert into anything you'd prefer to use. We were looking at CTD as being a potential solve for storing text scenes and chapters in our up-coming writing software. Now that's not the way we intend to go, though the mark-up may be used. It's a fairly elegant solution we feel, but it does need work. If you find yourself improving it, feel free to contact us.

Unit Description Download
uCTDFormat A unit that is for working with CTD Files. Includes two rather badly made util units that it requires, the rest comes with Lazarus default installation.
It's a thought excercise and just for fun.
This Site (Zip) - 21kb

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