demNotepad is a tray resident text editor capable of editing anything that is plain text, this does include source files for most languages but there is only Syntax Highlighting for the more commonly used plain text files like configuration etc. It's not meant to edit source code though it can.

It's got a lot of tools for working with text and special editing tools for an almost R.A.D. approach to creating and working with them.

It also is the first application in our line up to support CTD files. This was a thought experiment more than anything that turned out to be surprisingly useful and varied.

Top Features

  1. Tray Resident , that means while open it's easily gotten to by the clock on the task bar.
  2. Simple and quick editing
  3. R.A.D tools for creating and editing plain text files means it's a snap to set up and work on the most commonly used format in windows.
  4. Several specialist editors for all occasions
  5. Access your previously opened files quickly and easily with the M.R.U. (Most Recently Used) list.
  6. Attractive and user friendly Office "Style" interface
  7. Single instance, that means it tends to only open a single copy of the program and instead open a new window to keep system impact down
  8. System Integration, the installer (optionally) add's shell associations for you to open commonly used formats with demNotepad.
  9. Small Impact, the application for what it does is rather small and has a low memory footprint, meaning it's simple and effiecent to keep it running.
  10. Easy to use
  11. Great search and search, replacement functionality to easily edit files and change things quickly and easily.


Download: Size: Type
demNotepad_Inst.exe - This Site 6,561 kb Installer - Help
CTDReader_Inst.exe - This Site 3,900 kb Installer - Help

Screen Shots

Main screen showing a CTD file being edited.

Main screen showing a configuration file being edited.

One of the editors showing a blank addition edit.

A template showing the variable editor to be filled in.

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