Introduction - Beta Level Release

demNTL (Notes, Tasks and Lists) is designed to keep the aforementioned together in an easily filtered format that can be searched and viewed quickly. It's tray resident, meaning it sits by the clock in Windows and you can right click and add a Note/List/Task quickly to any previously opened file with-in 30 items.

It's got some useful admin tools and it keeps track of usernames for edits and additions. We think it would be quite useful for a small team to work on a project together as the file is only accessed while actually writing to it. One could put the 'demNTL' file in a share and access it from there.

Originally it was designed to keep track of our notes, keeping them together in one easily filtered place. It grew from that remit as it was also originally a Dart Range product. It's stand-alone now and you can manage Tasks, Notes and Lists in the documents. We find it very useful for keeping track of to-do's for our software and other pursuits, the list's are rather good for wish list alike tracking and the notes are great for jotting down ideas for products or even for the writing projects. It's quickly accessed, easy to use and also back's itself up on read/write to an industry standard 'gz' (Gzipped) file for easy back up and restore.

In fact we kept this project managed using itself. Adding to-do's when we found bugs, notes for ideas for additions and quite a bit more to help us manage the project. So for small to medium projects its rather good at that sort of thing. On the other hand you could keep a file for personal use, putting in to-do's you need to do, notes to remember and even keep track of shopping lists.

Top Features

  1. Easy to use Office Style Ribbon Interface.
  2. Tray Resident (MDI Interace)
  3. Far more than simple Note, Tasks and Lists. There's Projects, Journals and Ideas Too!
  4. Simple Project Management, using projects with their own ideas and tasks!
  5. Admin Logging
  6. Advanced Task Management, with indiviual efforts and more
  7. And much more to come...


First Beta Release

Download: Size: Type
demNTL_Inst.exe - This Site 3,952 kb Installer


The Tray Resident Menu.

The Main Interface.

The Task Editor.

The Project Editor.

The Idea Editor showing Idea Preview.

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