dartEdit is a nifty notepad replacement, that's really the aim along with a few useful features that we thought should go into a text editor. It can view a few different formats, (.txt,.ctd.rtf) etc as well as has syntax highlighted source code editing.

It's got a word counter and alarm/notification system for no frills writing solidily like for the November Writing Challenge, or the alike. We found it quite useful for focused writing in that way. It also has its own format that can be encrypted with a password and uses Blowfish Encryption.

Top Features

  1. Great Notepad Replacement
  2. Clean Interface
  3. Editing for Plain Text, Compressed Plain Text
  4. Editing, though not formatting for RTF Files
  5. Source Code Editing with Highlighting for most major languages, such as "C, C#, CPP, Pascal, FreePascal, LUA, Inno Setup Scripts, INI Configuration Files, Bat and CMD Scripts, and our DartScript and btnS Formats
  6. Auto Saves
  7. Alert on word count, works on all editing types, (Though honestly why you'd use it for source code escapes us.)
  8. User Friendly Office Ribbon Interface, and customizable Editors
  9. It's Own Format that does a few things, like store some properties, allow you to encrypt your files with blowfish encryption as well as store Word Count targets, position etc.
  10. CTD File Editing
Download: Size: Type
dartEdit_Inst_Lab.exe - This Site 3,425 kb Installer


The main interface showing a working document.

Copyright 2022, C. J. Whittaker - All rights reserved

Copyright 2022, C. J. Whittaker - All rights reserved