btnPusher Advanced

btnPusher Advanced is the 'advanced' version of an example we made for demScript. That's why the Advanced tag on the title. Other than that it's designed to be super simple, totally built-in commands that will do very simple tasks. The main reason we wanted it was to make easily edited by external means scripts.

This is the only version we have, the source code was lost, and yet it will become fairly clear when the demScript comes out, that it is a little better than something made in another scripting language. There is a reference in the included help file, it's not entirely complete but it'll get you started, along with the examples in the installer. Right now it's a curiosity and useful for the aforementioned reasons.


Download: Size: Type
btnPusher_Inst.exe - This Site 2,882 kb Installer - Help


The Main Interface

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