dartSAR - Search and Replace


dartSAR is representative of the Dart Range, it's got no frills and does exactly what it's supposed to. Which is to search and replace text in plain text based formats by searching through a directory for matching to the extension mask and changing the supplied texts. That's about it, you can save files for later use and it's possible to run from the command line. But that's about it. It's no frills at all and exactly what the Dart Range is all about. There's a few options, and everything is logged.

Top Features

  1. User Friendly Customizable UI
  2. Supports Any Plain Text File
  3. Useful tool set for quickly changing files
  4. Can change multiple entries per run with Replacement Tables
  5. Output to a different directory and keep tree structure



Download: Size: Type
dartSAR_Inst.exe - This Site 2 mb Installer - Help


The Main Interface

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