dartTimer is a very useful but simple application that shows and uses a count down timer to then show an alert, or play a sound or even launch something, (Like a file or website). It also has a clock, including moveable on screen window and has a count down window if you want it as well.

We needed a countdown timer for something and this is what we can up with. It's capable of hourly chimes, an alarm that will reset every day and the count down timer itself. In future versions we may look to having more than one timer, but at this release we find this very useful.

Top Features

  1. Accurate count down timer
  2. Can show (optionally), an alert dialogue, a tray notification, play a sound, or run something like a file or launch a website on alarm/countdown/chime.
  3. Easy to use
  4. Everything is configurable!
  5. Tray Resident, stays out of the way until required, or an alarm goes off.
  6. Low system impact
  7. Has moveable and optional display windows for clock and count down timer.
  8. Can use the internet to set the system clock


Download: Size: Type
dartTimer_Inst.exe - This Site 3,438 kb Installer - Help


The timer and clock moveable windows

The Settings Interface

An alert window, for a timer

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