dartSync :: Copy/Sync/Master


dartSync is another good representation of the Dart Range, no frills and straight to the point...and the point, synchronizing and working with directories.

There are three actions you can take on directories :-

  • Copy
    A straight copy of source to destination
  • Sync
    Synchronizes Source and Destination directories to be the same
  • Master
    Makes sure that Destination is an exact copy of Source even removing files if necessary.
  • This is essentially what the util does, but you can also save jobs for later, and through the command line you can run automatically.

Top Features

  1. User Friendly Customizable UI
  2. Supports Any Plain Text File
  3. Three Modes of Directory Actions
  4. Quick
  5. Command Line Compatibile



Download: Size: Type
dartSync_Inst.exe - This Site 2.6 mb Installer - Help


The Main Interface

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