dartChime came about as we're still doing a lot of testing on dartTask. So while that's getting ready we still wanted a solution for running things on a regular basis. Namely dartChime runs a command list every hour on the hour.

That's how the util started, then we missed being able to really quickly make back ups, move files are etc. like with btnPusher Advanced, (The source code was recently lost to a hard disk crash!). So we added the basic functionality for that.

Now it's possible to have "Command List Files" as well which are like a neat way of storing sets of commands to run, (files or scripts), that can be swapped.

The scripting functionality can be embedded directly into a "Command List File" too, or run a script, either works. So you simply want to quickly make a zip of a directory, you can directly embed that command into the command file.

Top Features

  1. Runs on the Hour, we tested that, it works like a treat.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Simple interface
  4. Simplistic batch scripting for built in functionality for creating backups, moving files around or working with plain text files.
  5. 10 Variables
  6. 10 string lists, with another special list called File List
  7. Editor for Command List Files
  8. Full shell associations
Download: Size: Type
dartChime_Inst.exe - This Site 3,985 kb Installer

Copyright 2022, C. J. Whittaker - All rights reserved

Copyright 2022, C. J. Whittaker - All rights reserved