Easily configurable tray resident application launcher that can launch just about anything from programs to documents with a file format association.

Nice and attractive tree based launch form easily accesible with a single left click on the icon.

We based it on the Portable App's launcher but ours can have anything you configure it to have.

Currently it automatically sets icons based on certain document types, in the future we hope to have it use the actual icon for the application or document.

Top Features

  1. Tray Resident, so it stay's out of the way until you want it.
  2. Quickier and easier than the start menu
  3. Very configurable
  4. Optional launch forms that stay on-top of other windows and ready for use
  5. Nice single click appaer launch form with access to your apps and commonly used directories
  6. Can launch just about anything


Download: Size: Type
dartLaunch_Inst.exe - This Site 3,281 kb Installer - Help


The left click launch form

The right click launch popup menu

Configuring the categories

Configuring the category contents

A launch form, default options

A launch form, with configuration's set to change look

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