Alpha Software so please do send feedback. This appication is feature rich but not entirely done and requires more testing before release.

demCollector is a media collection and management suite of applications that allows you to 'collect' images and other media together into a file, report on if they are the originals, check and collate images into sections for organization and more. It's fully compatible with 'Viewer' so you can view .iCollect files there.

Once upon a time there was image collection sharing on the news groups. Now I won't go into detail as to what most where, but I missed the functionality and ethos of sharing libraries and collections of images. Back in the day this was entirely managed using ".csv" files. demCollector isn't so different but it's for the modern era and now you can share entire archives of images it's got a way of doing that and still being able to check the Hashes of the files while still managing to store VERY much more information on the images in a collection than the old CSV's. If you decide to share your collection you can generate a ZIPPED archive file specially formulated to then be extracted the other end with all files and the collection file intact. Like the old CSV managers there are reports for missing and incorrect statistic images, like hash, width, height and size. Or with a more modern slant there are charts, and tabular reports on a host of information on the collection. If you don't want to share, this is a great way of keeping a collection of your images safe and secure, check they don't get corrupted and back them up to an archive file. You can individually tag files with quite a lot of Meta data and 'tags'. View the entire collection in a browser window and generate list files.

There's actually a lot you can do and more being implemented quite often.

If you want a nice way to view your images, you can use the CollectWallpaper module to use a collection as a slide show wallpaper changer. There's a variety of ways to display your images, randomly, by section or just the tagged favorites.

So you see for media collection managment, this is THE suite for it.


  1. iCollect - Image Collection and Management
  2. mCollect - Movie Media Collection and Management
  3. wCollect - The Slideshow Wallpaper manager that uses .iCollect files.

Top Features

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Great modern alternative to the old CSV Image collection files for both images and other media
  3. Capable of storing a great deal of meta data on images, easily edited directly in the main interface
  4. Modern Office Style Ribbon Bar
  5. Can create complete archive files based on the industry standard ".zip" format for sharing or archiving your collections.
  6. Feature Rich
  7. Using the tools provided it's very easy to make a collection even a large one.
  8. Based in ini files, which might seem old fashioned but with these ini files you can store a massive amount of information, and it's easily operated with and on. It's also very portable for others providing support for the format if they so wish.
    Once it was .CSV files we think this is a serious step up and allows a lot of database like functionality.
  9. Statistical Reports on Collections, including charts and tabular.
  10. Creating archives of collections is super simple and super easy, and uses the collection file to generate the collection ready to be used where-ever you wish it. And if all else fails you can change the file extension to zip and use any zip file manager to open them.



Download: Size: Type
demCollector_Inst.exe (All Modules) - This Site 9,745 kb Installer - Help

Screenshot (Subject To Change)

The Main iCollector Interface, showing a collection.

Editing the meta data for an entry in a iCollection

Browsing the favorites list in a collection file

Showing the Section File Sizes Chart Report

Main Interface but showing the filter browser

The Scratch Pad Maanger

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