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This is the home page for all things related to Deimos Design, and will host all of our software, games and other projects. Please check this page regularly we'll be updating it with news and information often.


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13/09/2023 : Updated: demScribble

demScribble has been updated quite a lot lately, with a few new features and bug fixes. Happy Birthday demScribble on the 07/09, it's now a year old!

11/09/2023 : Updated: dartImago

dartImago has been updated a lot since last posting an update here, it's available pre-release on patreon, see page for details.

02/07/2023 : Added: dartSync

A quick and easy to use directory copy/sync/mastering tool.

02/07/2023 : Added: dartSAR

A Search and Replace Tool for a file list of extention masked files, can use either from and to, or a replacement table to change more.

30/06/2023 : Updated: dartClip

A plain text Clipboard manager/extension for working with plain text entries, see the page for details.

Added: dartText

A very simple Notepad replacement.

Added: dartImago - To The Lab

A very simple image browser, that's in The Lab right now while we test and add more features, see the page for more details.

Updated: dartToDo - Simple

A super simple to-do list manager/viewer, it's designed and meant to be used for very simple to-do tasks and managing them.

Updated: dartNote-It

Easy to use and easily accessed Note Taking Application, Tray Resident, centralized place for searchable notes.

Updated: dartLaunch

dartLaunch has been updated with some new features and the page has an "In-Progess" quick start guide!

demNTL, (Notes, Tasks and Lists)

Currently Beta Level. A Task, Lists and more project management applications. It's currently in The Lab.


A Text Manipulation and Generation processor.


demScribble has been added to The Lab, and to our line up. It's writing software for fairly simple projects to middle of the range, working with chapters as the split and has a lot of useful tools and editors.


Essentially a Notepad replacement with a lot of great features with our usual Dart Range design. Capable of working with more formats than Notepad, and has highlighting for common source code formats.



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