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Welcome to Deimos Design

This is the home page for all things related to Deimos Design, and will host all of our software, games and other projects. Please check this page regularly we'll be updatting it with news and information often.


Released dartEdit

Essentially a Notepad replacement with a lot of great features with our usual Dart Range design. Capable of working with more formats than Notepad, and has highlighting for common source code formats.

Released dartChime to the Lab

Rather simple hourly scheduler utility, but it's got some neat tricks. Check it out, it's currently in The Lab

dartTask Moved to The Lab

We've noticed some minor issues we need to bug smash, so currently the applicatio has been moved to The Lab

Yet More Updates to demImago

Updated demImago Again!. We're switching the main viewer to a thumb-nail based app, it's currently in Alpha - check it out.

Updated demImago

Updated demImago specifically been working on the collection module, see the link for details.

New Site!

We've got a new site with a new design that was made with our software. Please bear with us while we add things and get everything up and running, we hope to have the site ready in a week and no more.

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